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ACT Dental is a dental practice coaching company designed to help dental professionals and practices reach their maximum production and profitability. Founded by Kirk Behrendt in 1998, ACT has worked with hundreds of dental teams over the years.

The ACT Dental coaching program is specifically tailored to the individual style and vision of each practice we serve. Our team of coaches train and empower our dentists and their teams to develop and implement their own goals and strategies in order to achieve success. ACT offers live CE courses throughout the year, covering topics from leadership to hygiene, marketing and practice management. A benefit enjoyed by ACT clients is the sense of camaraderie our courses create, where like-minded dental professionals can learn and interact in a community setting.

ACT also has a web-based membership site called ACT U that is devoted to helping dental teams run their practices more efficiently. ACT U members have 24/7 access to expert training videos, webinars, forums, downloads, ebooks, and discounts to all ACT events! Our goal is to share our vision with each dental professional we serve: Better Practice, Better Life. With a simple phone call, we can help you begin your journey!


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